Scientific Events

Wider selection of Scientific Events where PCPS® results have been presented

Universidade Federal da Bahía UFBA, Salvador de Bahía, Brasil, 07/2013
Symposium ‘Parenting and new approaches’
Cerezo, M. A.: Saúde mental infantil e inovação social: um programa comunitário de apoio psicológico para a parentalidade [Child Mental Health and Social Innovation: A Community Program of Psychological Support for Parenting]

Bogaziçi Üniversitesi, Estambul, Turkey, 12/2002
Seminar New approaches to child maltreatment
Cerezo, M. A.: Psychological aspects of child maltreatment and supporting appropriate parenting practices

Mothercraft – Toronto, Canada, 05/2019
Shaping Children’s Lives through learning – Invitational Conference: Keynote
Cerezo, M. A.: Our first 1000 days of life: Parent-Child Psychological Support

International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN)

XVI International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, York, UK, 09/2006
Cerezo, M. A.: Best Practices in the Area of Prevention. The Parent-Child Psychological Support Programme.

XI ISPCAN European Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Lisbon, Portugal, 11/ 2007
Cerezo, M. A.: The Parent-Child Psychological Support Programme: Five years operating in Ireland

XIII ISPCAN European Conference on Child abuse and Neglect, Dublin, Ireland, 09/2013
Cerezo, M. A.: The Parent Child Psychological Support Program: Promoting good parenting practices and socio-emotional wellbeing in infants.

Interamerican Society of Psychology

XXXIV Congresos Interamericano de Psicología, Brasilia, Brasil, 07/2013
Cerezo, M. A.: Promoting infant mental health: a community-based parenting program in Spain and Ireland.

University of Oregon- The Child and Family Center, Eugene, OR. USA, 07/2005
Specialist Researcher Conference
Cerezo, M. A.: The Parent-Child Psychological Support Programme. Analyzing early interaction and intervention

York University, Toronto, Canada, 05/2019
LaMarsh Annual Simposium – Faculty Panel Discussion ‘Innovative Methodologies: Enhancing the well-being of
children, their families and communities’
Cerezo, M. A. : Early mother-infant interaction: the challenge of capturing the temporal dimension and practical implications in supporting parenting in community context