Scientific publications and articles about PCPS®

Selection of scientific peer-review articles about PCPS®

Pons-Salvador, G., Cerezo, M. A. & Trenado, R. M. (2014) Dose-effect on the mothers and babies attending the Programa de Apoyo Psicológico P/Materno Infantil©. Anales de Psicología, 30(2), 474 – 481.

Cerezo, M. A., Dasi, C. & Ruiz, J. C. (2013) Supporting parenting of infants: Evaluating outcomes for parents and children in a community-based program. Evaluation and Program Planning, 37, 12 – 20.

Bujia-Couso. P.; O’Rourke, A.; Cerezo, M. A. (2010).Criteria Based Case Review: The Parent-Child Psychological Support Program. Irish J. of Applied Social Studies, 10, 1 – 15. 

Cerezo, M.A.; Pons-Salvador, G. (1999) Supporting appropriate parenting practices: a preventive approach of infant maltreatment in a community context. International J. of Child and Family Welfare, 1, 42 – 61.

Cerezo, M. A; Dolz, L. Pons-Salvador, G.; Cantero, M. J. (1999). Prevención de maltrato de infantes: evaluación del impacto de un programa en el desarrollo de los niños. [Infant Maltreatment Prevention: Evaluating the impact of a program on child development] Anales de Psicología, 2, 239 – 250.

Selection of publications for parents and professionals

Book for parents and practitioners written by PCPS® Developer, M. Ángeles Cerezo

If we suspend disbelief for a brief moment, cast our imaginations into a magical world where babies could talk to each other and just for the time it takes to read this book, we could see ‘their world’, what would happen? After reading it, we might just appreciate better what babies need and how we can respond to them. In this book, Dr. Cerezo, professor of psychology, gives a ‘voice’ to babies who chat in a humorous way about their emotional lives and how they are getting on with their caregivers. This is not a book about raising children but rather it is an account of what science tells us, using their ‘voices’ and ‘experiences’, about their emotional development. This strategy aims to help adults understand babies’ minds better and to reflect on how to attune with them. The book covers the first year of life and presents several real-life scenarios where there was mis-communication between babies and caregivers. By reflecting on these stories, the reader will gain new insights into how babies connect with the person who takes care of them and how to promote that communication.

Selection of articles in professional journals

Cerezo, M. A. (2012). The Parent-Child Psychological Support Programme®: Promoting Infant Mental Health in Irish Children. ChildLinks, 2, 26 – 29.

Trenado, R., Pons-Salvador, G. & Cerezo, M. A. (2009). Protecting the family: Support and assistance for families. Papeles del Psicólogo, 30, 24 – 32.

Cerezo M. A. (2001). Bad Parenting or Inappropriate Parenting Practices? Towards non -judgmental practice with parents. Soiléir- the Support Network for Professionals in Child Protection Services, 3(1), 6 – 9.

Recent publications referencing PCPS®

Carol McGinty (2017): A Critical and Maternal Narrative Approach to Practice, Enhancing Recognition and Solidarity with Ambivalent Representations, Practice. Social Work in Action, 29(5) 361-379.

«A facility such as the Parent-Child Psychological Support Service attempts to address the needs of a wide range of parents and infant’s requirements. This service would have been ideal for Anna and baby, however was not in our catchment area at that time. This service framework recognises the new way of knowing the imperfection in parenting, as the norm. It was in operation up until June 2016, based in Ballymun, Ireland. It has regrettably closed due to central government funding cuts. The service worked on the shared understanding that parenting is difficult, demanding as well as very rewarding,” (p. 8).

Rodrigo, M.J. Byrne, S. & Alvarez, M. (2017) Interventions to Promote Positive Parenting in Spain, In M. Israelashvili & J. Romano (Eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of International Prevention Science, Cambridge Univ. Press. (Chapter 39).

Selection of scientific events were PCPS® results have been presented

Organized by Child and Family Flemish Government & College of Psychology of KU Leuven University Special Symposium: Early Detection of physical child abuse and neglect in 0 to 3 year old children, Brussels, Belgium, 12/1998.

Cerezo, M. A.: Supporting appropriate parenting practices: A preventive approach to infant maltreatment in a community context

International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN)

XVII International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Hong-Kong SAR, China, 09/2008

Cerezo, M. A.: Child Abuse Potential and quality of mother-child attachment in the context of a communitybased prevention program.

World Association of Infant Mental Health.

14th WAIMH World Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 06/2014

Workshop by M. Angeles Cerezo (University of Valencia, Spain), Jon Korfmacher, (Erikson Institute , Il US) & Alessandra Schneider (CONASS, Braisilia, Brasil) Improving child health and well-being in infants: Homevisiting and centre based programs operating in different cultural contexts.

Cerezo, M. A.: The PCPS®: A universal service ‘checking-up’ socio-emotional infant development in a community context

Selection of Invitational Conference: Keynote

Northern Illinois University – The Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault, DeKalb, IL, 07/2005 – Specialist Researcher Conference

Cerezo, M. A.: The Parent-Child Psychological Support Programme. Bridging theory and practice

Health Service Executive & Wicklow Infant Mental Health Learning Network, Bray, Ireland, 03/2020 – Our first 1000 days of life: Invitational Conference:

Cerezo, M. A.: Breaking the intergenerational cycle by supporting parenting: Parent-Child Psychological Support