Recent Publications

Selected papers of Prof. Cerezo, PCPS® Developer

Alvarenga, P., Cerezo, M. A. , Kuchirko, Y. (2022). The Maternal Sensitivity Program. A Model for Promoting Infant Development in Challenging Contexts. Springer

Cerezo M. A., Abdelmaseh , M.Trenado , R. M., Pons Salvador, G. & Bohr, Y. (2021) The temporal dimension in the understanding of maternal sensitivity in caregiver infant interactions: The ‘Early Mother Child Interaction Coding System’ Infant Behavior and Development (Special Issue: Methodological Advances in the Characterization and Understanding of Caregiver Infant Interactions), 63,101563

Alvarenga, P. Kuchirko , Y. Cerezo , M.A., Mendonça Filho, E. J., Bakeman , R.&Tamis LeMonda , C. (2021). An intervention focused on maternal sensitivity enhanced mothers’ verbal responsiveness to infants. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 76, 101313

Trenado , R. M., Cerezo , M.A., Sierra García, P. y Pons Salvador, G. (2021) Sequential Coding of Maternal Sensitivity: Application of nonlinear dynamic analyses and reliability. Quantity & Quality. International J. of Methodology, 55, 827 844

Cerezo , M. A, Pons Salvador, G., Trenado , R. M. & Sierra García, P. (2019). The temporal dimension in maternal sensitivity predicting organized attachment in children: a non linear dynamic perspective. Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences, 23(1), 137 171

Alvarenga, P., Cerezo , M. A., Wiese, E. y Piccinini , C. A. (2019). Effects of a short video feedback intervention on enhancing maternal sensitivity and infant development in low income families. Attachment & Human Development (online 9th April)