PCPS® Parent-Child Psychological Support Promoting infant emotional wellbeing PCPS® Parent-Child Psychological Support Promoting infant emotional wellbeing

Welcome to PCPS®

PCPS®, the universal service that promotes infant wellbeing and improves parent-child relationships by supporting parenting for optimum emotional, social and cognitive child development. Taking a realistic and preventative approach, PCPS®, offers parenting support to all parents of children aged 3 months to 18 months within a given geographical area.

A gift from science to babies and families

In recent decades, there have been important advances in the science of early childhood development. This has led to a deeper appreciation of the conditions and factors that influence the course of development of human beings in their early childhood. The experience of early years shapes the developing brain. PCPS®, as an evident-based service, converts principles from these advances in early child development and parenting, in to a centre-based service for local communities.

Dr. Selma Fraiberg said: “the new knowledge about early development and relationships is a treasure that should be returned to babies and their families as a gift from science.”

Here are some interesting links to expand on the scientific advances related to parenting, attachment and the importance of the first one thousand days of life, like the Center on the Developing Child in Harvard University, the Parent-Infant Foundation, the Early Years-Royal Foundation or Unicef – the first 1,000 days of life.

Our ethos & commitment

PCPS® converts theory into action and brings science to parents and babies. We believe in the power of emotional development to build, from the foundation, a more balanced society. Therefore, we want to go as far as possible to normalize the importance of emotional development in babies and, thus, forge better citizens of tomorrow. We are committed to promoting the emotional health of babies, their families and society as a whole. We are committed to providing each individual with tools to achieve their own emotional well-being. We promote small changes that have the potential to transform, not just a baby and his family, but also their relationship with the world.

Short and long-term benefits

Together with PCPS®, babies get the opportunity to grow better emotionally, parenting is better developed and enjoyed, communities become healthier, and the Administrations save more economical resources. In fact, for every euro invested in PCPS®, €2.11 of savings are generated (Lawlor & McGilloway, 2012: An Economical Appraisal of the Youngballymum Initiative. Just Economics. London). Taking care of babies’ emotional health is building the well-being that will last them for life. PCPS® helps children in their journey to develop resilience.